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The Wrongun Cover

The Wrong’un

Meet the Newells, a big family of good lookers and hard grafters. From their sleepy working class backwater, the siblings break into Oxford academia, London’s high life, the glossy world of magazine publishing and the stratospheric riches of New York’s hedge funds.

Then there’s Paddy, the wrong’un in their midst, who prefers life’s dark underbelly. As things fall apart around his sister Bea, is Paddy behind it all? And why does matriarch Edie turn a blind eye to her son’s malevolence? Will she stand by and watch while he wrecks the lives of her other children?

Just how much is she willing to sacrifice to protect her son?

April 2023

All Grown Up


Neveah is leading a double life. At home, she’s a 15-year-old schoolgirl, but when she’s a digital marketing freelancer, she’s an independent woman of 22.

Having an affair with a married man was never part of her plan, but now she’ll do just about anything to stop her two worlds from colliding.

What compels young girls into sex way before they’re ready? And if a man has sex with an underage girl who lies about her age, does that mean he’s still guilty?

All Grown Up takes a sharp look at the true nature of consent in the murky minefield of contemporary sex.


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ChipLitFest Short Story Competition Winners 2016-22

It’s hard to believe the ChipLitFest Short Story competition is already seven years old. 

The sheep that’s a good listener. The woman and the ice-cream salesman. The young man who falls in love with a washing machine. That age old tale.

Funny, macabre, heart-breaking, provocative, eerie… all stories in this collection are by the winners of the competition since its inception.

All proceeds, not just profits, will go towards ChipLitFest, which is a registered charity.



June 2023

The above cover is a placeholder while I track down the original copyright holder of a photo (easier said than done!). The fireweed is taken from a photo by Fred Denner:


The above cover is a placeholder. The fireweed is taken from a photo by Fred Denner:


Hamburg, 1947.

Adam, a young British lawyer is posted to the destroyed city to assist in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, an exhausting, soul-destroying and demoralising task.

He falls in love with a German prostitute during a time of strict anti-fraternisation rules. Rose is beautiful, educated, clever, witty… and Adam becomes increasingly obsessed with her.

Then a Nazi prisoner, responsible for the cold-blooded killing of hundreds of innocents, escapes while in Adam’s custody. There is only one place for the desperate man to hide: in Hamburg’s Dead Zone. And Adam is even more desperate to find him, no matter what the cost.

March 2023


The Neglected Samurai

Inspired by Hideo Muramatsu, the book is authored Jurcell Virginia, a Curaçaon martial artist, and Catherine Evans.

It’s a manual for armchair warriors everywhere.

Jurcell Virginia was riding high. A gift for numbers had earned him a top job in private equity. He had a salary like a telephone number, a gorgeous apartment in the swishest part of Amsterdam, he travelled every month to the world’s most exotic locations… then one cold day in April, he lost his job. His world came crashing down. After some painful introspection, he realized that his whole self-worth was based on status and money. He had lost touch with his core values, and had forgotten how to draw on his own inner strength. Even worse, he had been sending the wrong signals to his kids. His sensei, Hideo Muramatsu, reminded him that the answers he was searching for lay within himself.

April 2023

The Funeral

Two warring sisters have to organise their grandmother’s funeral.

Granny was an old style screen goddess, and naturally wants to be the star of the show. But her bickering family members are all nursing age old resentments which threaten to ruin her last hurrah.