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Fireweed Cover

Hamburg, 1947.

Adam is a young British lawyer is posted to the destroyed city to assist in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, an exhausting, soul-destroying and demoralising task.

He falls in love with Rose, a German girl, during a time of strict anti-fraternisation rules. Rose is beautiful, educated, clever, witty … and is forced to earn her living in a brothel. Adam becomes increasingly obsessed with her.

Then a Nazi prisoner, responsible for the cold-blooded killing of hundreds of innocents, escapes while in Adam’s custody. There is only one place for the desperate man to hide: in Hamburg’s Dead Zone. And Adam is even more desperate to find him, no matter what the cost.

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About the Author

Richard Vaughan Davies is the author of Fireweed and of In the Shadow of Shakespeare. 

Richard ran a business in Chester and North Wales for many years, which grew to become one of the leading independent menswear retailers in the UK.

At one time he took a three-year sabbatical to read English and Italian at the University of Liverpool. He wrote a regular business column in the Liverpool Daily Post and also published a how-to book named Let’s Talk Shop.

He and his partner Barbara retired to the Cotswolds in 2007. This was partly in order to live near Stratford-upon-Avon to indulge Richard’s love of Shakespeare, where he made the startling discoveries featured in In the Shadow of Shakespeare.  He has three children: Zoe, Ric and Zanna.