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Family or Freedom

Family or Freedom

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Farrah is brought up in a British Pakistani household, where her dreams for herself clash with those her parents hold for her. From an adventurous childhood to dental school to love, Farrah’s life takes her unexpected places, and readers will laugh alongside her, eager to know where she goes next.

About the Author

Mus Coombs is a British Pakistani dentist, who finally, in her fifties, uttered out loud the words “I want to be an actor,” which led to incredibly encouraging conversations and help from creative people. She was delighted and touched to find out how much love there is in the film industry, contrary to her previous belief. She has done a couple of scenes with Cate Blanchett in an upcoming Apple TV miniseries, and she has written the script for a short film, Family or Freedom, which she is co-directing and acting in. The film is inspired by her experience of navigating two very different cultures. Her forthcoming book of the same name will be published by Inkspot next year and is a tumultuous read full of comedy and heartbreak. She has a drive to tell the story of British females of all ethnicities.